Diamond Shape

Diamonds come in many different shapes. Each shape has its own unique qualities:

Round Cut Diamond

The Round Cut Diamond is largely considered the most popular and romantic shape for a diamond engagement ring. It is cone-shaped to maximise light return through the top of the diamond, and is cut to have 58 facets-33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion.

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Heart Shaped Diamond
The Heart Shaped Diamond has a distinct cleft at the top, exhibiting exceptional brilliance.

Cushion Cut Diamond
The Cushion Cut Diamond is an antique cut, with a timeless and classic appeal. 

Oval Cut Diamond
Oval-shaped Diamonds are similar to a Classic Round Diamond, delivering beautiful brilliance. The elongated shape adds a unique design to a piece of jewellery. 

Pear Cut Diamond
The Pear-shaped Diamond combines the soft, rounded end of an Oval-shaped Diamond with the sharp, tapered point of a Marquise Diamond. It's a stunning diamond for a special someone.

Princess Cut Diamond
The Princess Cut Diamond is a square cut designed for maximum brilliance. After the Round Brilliant cut, it's the second most popular cut.

Radiant Cut Diamond
The Radiant Cut Diamond is a combination of a stylish square with the brilliance of the traditional Round Cut. It combines two diamond-cutting styles, the Round Cut style and the Emerald Cut style, creating a stunning diamond.

Marquise Cut Diamond
The Marquise Diamond delivers drama with its brilliant cut and tapered points. When worn as a ring, this diamond creates an elongated and slender look, giving the appearance of a larger diamond as it maximises carat weight.

Emerald Cut Diamond
For timeless elegance, the Emerald-Cut Diamond has long, lean lines. The rectangular cut, which has a relatively larger open table (the top flat surface) and fewer facets, highlights clarity more than any other shape.