Natural Diamonds

Diamonds are an extremely rare, natural mineral. There are only 15 major kimberlites, or diamond mines, in the world, and these are where most diamonds are sourced.

In each kimberlite, hundreds of tons of rock must be removed to find just 1 carat of diamonds. 97% of diamonds recovered are referred to as ‘industrials’ and cannot be polished due to their poor quality. Of the 3% remaining, more than 99.8% are known as ‘commercial’ diamonds that are commonly seen in jewellery shops.

At Roni N. Jewellery, we use the highest quality, rarest and most spectacular natural diamonds of all. Only one in every 10,000 diamonds meets the standards of Roni N. Jewellery. In order to ensure this level of quality, Roni N. Jewellery has established a special partnership with diamond trading company Namdar Asia, which sources the highest level of diamonds. Our craftspeople at Roni N. Jewellery are in daily contact with diamond experts and provide clear instruction on collecting the rarest, purest diamonds.