Confident Shopping

At Roni N. Jewellery, we go above and beyond customer service so that you feel confident shopping with us. We are committed to ensuring your shopping experience is smooth and worry-free. We uphold the best security and privacy practices to ensure our clients feel safe shopping with us online. 

Diamond Policy
Our close relationship and partnership with diamond trading company, Namdar Asia, is well established. Our high ethical standards guarantee that none of the diamonds we use are conflict diamonds, use child labour in manufacture or are treated (not natural).

Security and Privacy Policy
No information provided by clients to Roni N. Jewellery will be abused or passed on. We value your custom and remain stringent in protecting your personal details.

Maintenance Policy
All jewellery from Roni N. Jewellery is handcrafted. We encourage our clients to return purchased pieces for a complimentary check and professional cleaning after six months.

In-House Appraisal 
Jewellery purchased from Roni N. Jewellery is accompanied by an original Roni N. Jewellery appraisal of authenticity. This appraisal states the quality and numbers of diamonds in every jewellery piece, the quality and type of precious metals used, and a picture of the jewellery piece. All jewellery containing 0.30 carats of diamonds and above is offered a Roni N. Jewellery in-house appraisal, written by our in-house gemologist and an additional international grading certificate from IGI or GIA laboratories.