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הַשׁרָאָה - Be Mine Jewellery
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My inspiration comes from my own personal journey and the experiences that have made me the woman I am today. My true passion is for exploring and discovering new places, people and cultures to find the eternal truths of beauty and life.

I acknowledge, respect and pay tribute to the tradition of jewellery by drawing inspiration from classic designs. I reinterpret their history to create contemporary, fresh and modern pieces with their own sparkling signature. The highest standard of ethics is upheld in the creation of my jewellery, and every natural diamond I use is a non-conflict diamond.

Roni N. Jewellery features Seven collections, all created for the same modern woman at different stages of her exceptional life journey. I admire women who have overcome obstacles and challenges in life, and through Roni N. Jewellery, I want to offer these incredible women pieces to suit their exquisite individuality.

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